Covers of Booksand Magazines Listed

Total Solar Eclipse 2006 (wide angle): Le guide du ciel: A Book by Guillaume Cannat; 5/2013

A Full Sky Aurora over Kirkenes: Auroral Entanglement: A Novell by James Michael; 9/2012 

Jupiter & Aurora: Stern-Freunde: A Book by Frank Hauswald; 2012

Horsehead Nebula: Astronomie: Book; Coffret Passion; 9/2011

Comet Linear T7: Sterne und Weltraum; 2/2011

Solarsystem (3D rendering): Sterne und Weltraum; 12/2009

Comet Neat: Natur + Kosmos 1/2009

Total Solar Eclipse 2006: Das Astronomische Jahr 2008 (interstellarum)

Startrails Namibia: interstellarum No. 48; 11/2006

Mars with Phobos & Deimos: interstellarum No. 42; 11/2005

Great Orion Nebula: Astronomie in Reimen: A Book by Josef Dörflinger; 10/2005

Startrails Gornergrat: interstellarum No. 37; 1/2005

Moon Mosaic (1999): Astronomisches Praktikum: A Book by Otto Zimmermann; 2003

Scorpius & Mars above Namibia: Sterne und Weltraum; 4/2002

Total Solar Eclipse 2001: Sterne und Weltraum; 11/2001

Carina Nebula (2001): young researcher No. 62; 5/2001

Startrails from Gornergrat: Sterne und Weltraum; 10/1998


Astronomy Picture of the Day Publications

APOD: 2016 September 8 - Mars in the Clouds

APOD: 2012 January 3 - A Full Sky Aurora Over Norway

SpaceWeather: 2011 Dec. 5 - Aurora Explosion over Sollia, Kirkenes

Oceans News ExplorersWeb: 2007 Nov. 16 - Giant Comet bigger than the Sun | more >

SpaceWeather: 2007 Nov. 3 - Exploding Comet 17P/Holmes


Further Publications

  • March 99:  Article about Comet Hale-Bopp in “Sterne und Weltraum”, thereafter publication of articles in various periodicals on a regular Basis.

  • October 98:  Cover page and article in the periodical “Sterne und Weltraum”

  • July 98:  Photographs in the magazine “Starobserver”.

  • Nov 1998:  Photographs in a Swiss book about the mountain peak Matterhorn (1998 Editing House Aroleit).

  • Since 1998:  Photographs in the periodical “Natur”.

  • Since 1996:  Articles for the internal magazine of the “Verein der Amateurastronomen des Saarlandes e.V.”


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